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Our Values

We believe you can’t tell people to:
be more inclusiveengage more with their teamsreduce their “people risk”They need to believe in the benefits, that it’s worth it.

We believe that culture is a practice.
As with any positive habit change, organizational change can happen through consistent efforts and accountability.
We believe that proactive culture management creates the most inclusive, innovative and successful companies.
Toxic work environments squander human potential. Unfortunately, most companies do not appreciate the importance of culture until after they experience problems. Proactive and unbiased culture monitoring prevents risk, creates accountability and builds trust within the organization.


We are Strategic Partners in Leveraging Cultural DNA to Drive Business Transformation

We Offer
Talent Karma DNA (Cultural Assessment) Strategic Planning and Execution (Culture Tracking)Value-Aligned Talent Branding
The Problem

From bullying and harassment to lack of engagement and low retention rates, there are many issues that arise in the workplace, both legal risks and otherwise. Our years of legal and HR experience have shown us that these risks often stem from a company’s culture. People experience an organization’s culture differently based on their background, gender and status/position within the company. Without awareness of these different experiences, disparate treatment remains unchecked and unexamined.
Our Approach

We don’t do “off the shelf.”
Let's face it- creating/maintaining a healthy and inclusive isn't always easy.We offer customized solutions - both proactive and reactive - that allow for a more engaged, inclusive and productive work environment.We draw on years of legal expertise, but our advice is not legal advice. There are many risks in the employment relationship, most of them are not legal risks. We look at the entire situation and are willing to be imaginative and bold. We focus on the causes of problems, as much as the symptoms.
Our Solutions
Talent Karma DNA/Cultural Assessment: Talent Karma partners with executive teams to assess an organization’s cultural DNA.Strategic Planning and Execution (Culture Tracking): We use insights gained from the initial assessment to develop, plan and execute strategies to create healthy inclusive cultures and high performing teams. Value-Aligned Talent Branding: We help companies win the talent war with targeted talent recruiting and brand enhancement.


Talent Karma hosts events focused on culture and culture change.
Our events help Talent Karma companies figure out strategies at the highest level.
We also do events designed to share research and insights more broadly.
If you are interested in partnering with Talent Karma with a specific goal of hosting an event, please contact us.

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